Ghosts I’ve Met – Payphone Patience EP

Ghosts I’ve Met is a Seattle based indie folk act centered around Sam Watts with an impressive rotating cast of musicians such as Darren Jessee (Hotel Lights, Ben Folds Five), Anne Marie Ruljanchic (Jesse Sykes, The Shins), Ben Blankenship (Modest Mouse), Brent Arnold (Modest Mouse, Built to Spill), Karen Waltuch (Wilco, Beth Orton), Margaret White (Sparklehorse, Cat Power) to name a few. Standouts include the simply stunning title track “Payphone Patience”, with beautiful piano accents alongside a violin and masterful songcraft and the gorgeous “Ghost in the Snow” with it’s beautiful background vocals and woeful violin. Payphone Patience EP is an album of effortlessly tender and beautifully lush folk music that is filled with polished arrangements, warmly layered harmonies and strings. Watts headed back into the studio this past April to work on his debut full length Gunpowder City with some of the same cast of from the EP – an album I’m definitely anticipating. – Written by JFelton

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