Anna and Elizabeth – Anna and Elizabeth

  • July 26, 2015

The duo of multi-instrumentalist/singer Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Virginian folk singer Elizabeth LaPrelle released a beautiful self-titled album of 16 traditional Appalachian folk songs filled hardships, perseverance, hope and redemption. The LP is fairly stark yet arresting, relying only on vocals, a few strings (banjo, fiddle, guitar) and a touch of bass and pipes. Elizabeth’s powerful vocals coupled with Anna’s delicate softer vocals make for stunning harmonies. The entire album shines, yet a few highlights include: the polished bluegrass banjo on “Troubles”; the 1937 recording from a Ms Martha Williams of Leslie County “Soldier and the Lady”; the Civil War inspired track by Frank Proffitt “Goin’ Across the Mountain”; the Bill Monroe cover “Voice From On High”; Hazel Dickens’ tune “Won’t You Come And Sing For Me”; and the two Celtic songs, “Orfeo” and “Greenwood Sidey.” This is a truly stunning album, displaying how incredibly talented, creative, and in-touch the songstresses are with the roots of Appalachian culture and heritage. Should you be lucky enough to see them live, expect not only a stellar music, but a performance filled with storytelling, dancing, original artwork, shadow puppetry and even scrolling felt illustrations (called crankies). Anna and Elizabeth is a must listen. – Written by JFelton



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