Blank Range – Marooned with the Treasure

  • October 25, 2017

East Nashville quartet Blank Range released their long-awaited debut full-length Marooned with the Treasure after four years of turning out great EP’s and singles. Marooned with the Treasure was produced by Hiss Golden Messenger’s Brad Cook (multi-instumental) and results in a great album of dusty country flavored rock and roll with touches of garage-rock and psychedelia. Album highlights include: the Dylan-esque “Seemed Like Word Got Around”; the wistful lamentation “Opening Band”; the beautifully downtrodden “Embers in the Ash”; rambling rocker “Crimson Moon; the edgy ballad “The Forest and the Hum”; and the closing track, “The Season.” Marooned with the Treasure is a strong debut from a talented young band and I can’t wait to see how they evolve through their next couple of albums. – Written by JFelton



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