Curtis Harding – Face Your Fear

  • January 25, 2018

2014’s Soul Power LP debut by Atlanta based Curtis Harding was a critically acclaimed release that paid homage to the past while offering a vision for the future of retro-soul. On his second full-length, 2017’s Face Your Fear, Harding is even more ambitious, mixing psychedelic sounds with R&B and funk of the ’60s and ’70s alongside the contemporary musical stylings of Danger Mouse and Sam Cohen. Standout tracks include: the opener “Wednesday Morning Atonement”; the Curtis Mayfield-esque title track; the mid-tempo “Ghost of You”; and “On And On” and “Go As You Are” really hit the sweet spot between the traditional and the new. Face Your Fear is an excellent release that finds Harding with other young new talents like Leon Bridges and Benjamin Booker picking up the torch and carrying it new and exciting directions. – Written by JFelton



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