Daniel Martin Moore – Turned Over To Dreams

  • September 12, 2017

In his 6th studio release, Kentucky singer/songwriter Daniel Martin Moore lends his gentle tremolo to a collection of grown-up lullabies, inspired by the knowledge that friends were fond of using his music as a calming bedtime ritual for their children. Turned Over To Dreams tenderly navigates the grey zone between wakefulness and sleep, and carries the listener through drowsy lucidity to peaceful oblivion, on to dreams, and then back again. In the title track, Moore invites us to to close our eyes, his somnolent whispering vocals carried by slow twinkling electronic blinks, drifting strings and barely there guitar strums.
Moving into the following tracks, Moore invokes the journey into slumber with three instrumental tracks, including “Good Evening, Goodnight” a modern take on Brahms lullaby, with expansive, narcotic guitar delays replacing the familiar music box plink of childhood bedrooms. Moore’s voice reappears and coaxes us back to daylight again, ending the journey with a rendition of “Its Such a Good Feeling” which will spark early morning TV nostalgia from the Mr. Rogers generation. Asked about the recording process of Turned Over To Dreams, Moore explained, “at every step I was consciously doing my best to evoke peace and gentleness and love and care”…it shows in this refreshing stroll through the innocent abandon of sleep and and the unconscious worlds within us. – Written by SLynch



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