Dawn Landes – Bluebird

  • March 14, 2014

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Dawn Landes’ Bluebird, the followup to 2010’s Sweet Heart Rodeo, comes after the breakup of a marriage with singer/songwriter Josh Ritter in 2011. Bluebird is a set of ten finely crafted melodic tunes that intimately capture the dissolution of a relationship. Produced by Thomas Bartlett, who invited some of Landes’ favorite musicians to the sessions – Tony Scherr and Catherine Popper (bass), Rob Moose (guitars, strings) and Norah Jones (piano, harmonies) – together the group live tracked the album in just days. Highlights include: the upbeat title track “Bluebird”; the bittersweet “Try to Make a Fire Burn Again”; the bluegrass tinged “Bloodhound”; country waltz “Heel Toe”; and the two songs with Norah Jones, “Cry No More” and “Love Song.” Despite the painful material, Landes transforms the experience into a stunningly beautiful set of songs. – Written by JFelton



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