Gregory Alan Isakov – The Weatherman

  • August 19, 2013

The Weatherman, the latest from the indie folk singer/songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov and the follow-up to the stellar This Empty Northern Hemisphere, is one of folk music’s most anticipated albums of the year. On The Weatherman, Isakov brings a more refined and polished sensibility to his music by weaving subtle lyrical vignettes and hypnotic melodies with superbly crafted and performed compositions. Many of Isakov’s songs are melancholy and impassioned, touching on themes of nature, the cosmos, migration, and life. High points include: “Suitcase Full of Sparks” – a rambling song about a quest for love; “Amsterdam” – the meandering opener featuring light marching drums and piano embellishments; the airy, explicit single “Saint Valentine”, and the weathered waltz “All Shades of Blue” filled with gentle fiddle and banjo accents. The Weatherman is a great listen from start to finish and a welcome new album from this Colorado based troubadour. – Written by JFelton



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