Holopaw – Academy Songs: Volume I

  • February 4, 2013

The fourth full-length release Academy Songs: Volume I from the Gainesville, FL indie rockers Holopaw features core members John Orth (vocals, guitar) and Jeff Hays and a line-up similar to 2009’s Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness.: Patrick Quinney, Matt Radick, Jeff McMullen, plus Ryan Quinney. The ambitious record is a concept album – a 12 song cycle (including the hidden track) about adolescent boys at a prep school in the dead of winter. The pieces are strong on symbolism, exploring the themes of discovery, hope, loneliness, devotion and betrayal and the finely crafted compositions lend another dimension to the thematic landscape, echoing the confusion, chaos, or exhilaration of the boys are experiencing. The songs are rich without veering into the heavy-handed; standouts include “Golden Sparklers”, “Discotheque”, and “We are the Virgin Snow.” – Written by SMarx

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