Low – The Invisible Way

  • March 18, 2013

With their tenth album The Invisible Way, the Duluth, Minnesota trio Low are joined by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy in his Chicago studio as the production lead. Tweedy is a longtime Low supporter, having toured with the band proper and its offshoot Retribution Gospel Choir and having helped the band tread new ground without giving-up any of the slowcore aesthetics they are known for. The Invisible Truth sets itself apart in Low’s discography with Mimi Parker taking on more lead vocals on five of the eleven tracks, a more organic sound driven by piano and acoustic guitar, and a wide range of topics that include songs about war (drug war, class warfare, war in general), history and love. Notable tracks include the starkly beautiful “Amethyst” and “Plastic Cup”; the gospel touched “Four Score”; the bluesy folk romp “Clarence White”; and the indie pop single “Just Make It Stop.” The Invisible Way is richly organic, melodic, and delicate – one of Low’s best albums to date! – Written by JFelton



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