Jerry David DeCicca – Understanding Land

  • August 6, 2014

The Black Swans released their last album, Occasion For Song, in 2012 – a candid reflection on the loss of band member and close friend Noel Sayre. Frontman Jerry David DeCicca recently debuted his solo LP, Understanding Land, which expands on the former release in its exploration of the concept of rebirth. Inspired by the cycle of life where trees uprooted in storms leave holes behind to foster new plants, DeCicca etches a vision of death and renewal in the course of ten songs. Recorded alone in a friend’s London flat and supported remotely by guest musicians like Will Oldham, Spooner Oldham and Kelly Deal, the result is spare album with little more than vocals, acoustic guitar, strings and soft percussion. Notable tracks include: the first single “Colors in the Sky”; the tender duet with Eve Searls, “Opportunity to Love”; the rustic folk tune “Don’t Give Up”; and the closing track, “Bloom Again.” – Written by JFelton



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