John Craigie – Working On My Farewell

  • September 13, 2015

John Craigie’s latest album, Working on My Farewell, is in its own right a departure for the Portland-based singer/songwriter on a couple of fronts: from his usual acoustic sound, as well as from his characteristically bright, expressive, witty narrative tunes. Fittingly, the ten tracks find Craigie exploring the many facets of saying goodbye – moody expositions on darker side of love, life, and loss through the dreamy sounds of electric guitar and a backing band. A few highlights include: “Burn That Dress”; “Mourning You”; and “My Darkest Lover.” While Craigie’s previous releases are all solid albums, it’s exciting to see him taking a few risks and pushing himself as a musician. I look forward to see where he goes from here. – Written by JFelton



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