Kasy and Clayton – Strange Country

  • September 19, 2016

Hailing from remote southern Saskatchewan, Canada, young second cousins Kacy Anderson and Clayton Linthicum have been playing music together for over a decade and have three records under their belt. Kasy and Clayton’s music is steeped in the traditions of Southern Appalachia, British and Canadian folk music. Between Kacy’s subtle but emotionally powerful vocals and Clayton’s multi-instrumental talents, they’ve created another brilliant album with their latest release, Strange Country. The new album features songs about jealousy and murder alongside an occasional rhythm section, well-placed effects, and a bevy of other instruments. Unlike their earlier work, Clayton joins his cousin on vocals for a large portion of the album, and Strange Country is mostly originals—each as timeless as the three traditional songs they take on. Standouts include: the rollicking “Seven Yellow Gypsies”; the sea shanty inspired “The Plains of Mexico”; the haunting “Over the River Charlie”; the dark tale of “Brunswick Stew”; the joyous “Springtime of the Year”; and the closing track, “Dyin’ Bed Maker.” – Written by JFelton



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