Matthew E. White – Fresh Blood

  • July 5, 2015

Richmond, VA based Matthew E. White follows-up 2012’s excellent hazy Laurel Canyon, southern soul, piano pop and psychedelic mash-up Big Inner with Fresh Blood. This time White bring more polish and bolder arrangements which finely complement his ever-ambitious lyrics, songwriting, and gentle vocals. The arrangements are filled with gorgeous strings, horns, and backing vocals, courtesy of Cameron Ralston (bass), Pinson Chanselle (percussion), and Trey Pollard (guitar). Highlights include: the Philip Seymour Hoffman tribute titled “Tranquility”; the orchestral “Golden Robes”; the traditional blues track “Rock & Roll Is Cold”; “Holy Moly”’s indictment of sexual abuse in religious institutions; and the touching “Circle ‘Round The Sun” about the suicide of a friend’s mother. Fresh Blood is another first-rate eclectic indie pop album that is hard not to enjoy! – Written by JFelton



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