Quarter Mile Thunder – Twist

  • January 8, 2013

Quarter Mile Thunder is the latest incarnation of Chicago musician Ben Clarke, and on Twist, he delivers a collection of brooding and atmospheric folk songs. The eight song set is filled with ambient sounds, banjo, guitar, and Clarke’s vocals and features songwriting rooted in more traditional folk. “I Am Hurting Too” opens the album with atmospheric noise before vocals and guitar round out the woeful relationship song. On “Absolute Beginner”, spacey yet subdued atmospherics allow Clarke’s voice and guitar to shine, leading the way to some of the album’s standout tracks such as the beautiful “What’s It Like”, the piano driven “M Plates”, and the stellar closer, “It’s All The Same To You.” Quarter Mile Thunder’s Twist is a great first outing and I look forward to seeing how Clarke grows from this album to the next. – Written by JFelton



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