Radar Brothers – Eight

  • February 28, 2013

The last five years have seen major line-up changes for L.A. band Radar Brothers (formerly Radar Bros) with the 2008 departure of core trio members Senon Gaius Williams (bass) and Steve Goodfriend (drums). Soon after Be Hussey (bass) and Stevie Treichel (drums) joined remaining founder/singer/guitarist Jim Putnam on 2008’s Auditorium and 2010’s The Illustrated Garden. Now Radar Brothers sport a fuller membership with the addition of Dan Iead (guitar, pedal steel), Brian Cleary (keyboards), and Ethan Walter (piano, synth). What results the on the band’s eight full-length, simply titled Eight, is a strong collection of songs that are grounded in shoegaze filled guitars, alt-country roots and pop aesthetics, smartly penned lyrics, and Putnam’s high vocals. Notable singles on the album include opener “If We Were Banished”, “Reflections”, and “Bottle Song.” With the expanded lineup and a re-energized band, it will be interesting to hear where Radar Brothers end up next. – Written by SMarx

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