Raymond Byron and The White Freighter – Little Death Shaker

  • January 30, 2013

After five albums of somber experimental Americana and fractured folk with Castanets, the nomadic singer and songwriter Raymond Raposa has a new band, Raymond Byron & the White Freighter. Where the Castanets was primarily a single person mixing drum machines and guitars, playing electronic and acoustic elements off one another, Raymond Byron & The White Freighter is a full band that plays organic blues and folk infused indie rock. Their debut full-length Little Death Shaker is a captivating album filled with clever hooks, piano lines and interesting guitar riffs resulting in a collection of electric blues songs, spare acoustic ballads and catchy rockers. A few standouts are “You’ll Never Surf Again”, “Whipoorwill”, “Stateline”, and the title track. Little Death Shaker is a dynamic album that is a rich and satisfying listen. – Written by JFelton



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