Reuben and the Dark – Man Made Lakes

  • October 3, 2012

Reuben Bullock is a Calgary based musician known locally as a phenomenal roots/folk singer/songwriter. His latest project – Reuben and the Dark, incorporates a full band rounded out by Scott Munro (bass), Distance Bullock (drums), and Shea Alain (guitar). Following the release of Man Made Lakes and the recent completion of successful European tour with buzz-making live shows, the band is poised to take-off internationally. With favorable comparisons to Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, and Noah and The Whale, and a folk/rock style that thrives on poetic lyrics, four-part harmonies, and rich sonic structures, Reuben and the Dark is definitely a band to watch; take a listen to amazing standouts “Bow and Arrow“, “How to Fight”, and “Avails of Loneliness.” – Written by SMarx



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