Ryan Cain and The Ables – My Pistol Rides Shotgun

  • May 10, 2013

West Virginia band Ryan Cain and The Ables are known for their energetic, live shows featuring classic 50’s style rockabilly. The four-piece have released their excellent debut studio album, My Pistol Rides Shotgun, and it is a rollicking, enthusiastic and authentic take on rockabilly, hill billy boogie, and western swing. Led by Cain (guitar, piano, vocals), who is joined by Matt Eakle (lead guitar), Evan Jones (bass) and Gary Hamrick (drums) for a classic rockabilly line-up. The eleven originals and cover of Shell Price’s “If I Had Me a Woman” are a round-up of traditional themes like the ladies, love, jealousy, outlaws, and justice. Check out top singles including the title track and “Haunted Hot Rod.” – Written by SMarx

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