Steelism – Ism

  • August 23, 2017

The Nashville-based predominantly instrumental Americana band Steelism has quickly garnered praise for frontmen Jeremy Fetzer and Spencer Cullum’s ability to swap guitar licks between guitar and pedal steel while incorporating elements of spaghetti Western music, surf, R&B, rock and jazz. For Ism, the band’s follow-up to 615 to Fame release, Fetser and Cullum enlisted Jeremy Ferguson (Lambchop, Tristen, Andrew Combs) to co-produce and shake things up by engaging a number of guest vocalists including: Jessie Baylin, Ruby Amanfu, Tristen and Andrew Combs. Standout tracks include: the driving instrumental “Eno Nothing”; the catchy “Shake Your Heel”; the Jayhawks-esque “Lonely Game”; the James Bond-styled theme rocker “Roulette”; the flamenco touched “The Henchman/The Buffalo”; and the spaced out country closing of “Let It Brew.” Ism finds this talented duo creating ambitious music with subtle charm, sophistication and a refreshing desire to work outside the mainstream. – Written by JFelton



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