Tex Smith – A Wayfarer’s Lament

  • March 20, 2013

Texas native singer/songwriter Tex Smith is out with his third full-length, A Wayfarer’s Lament. And an emotionally intimate yet hopeful lament it is, as Smith’s heartbreak over his wife’s suicide is again explored over the course of eleven tracks. Following the recording but prior to the release of his 2009 self-titled debut, Smith’s wife unexpectedly took her life, and since then he has worked through his journey of grieving and living through his music, including a tribute album (2010’s To A Bird Singing Woe) and through weekly songwriting workshops hosted by Kent Finlay (which have included Todd Snider, Clay Blaker, and Bruce Robison over the years). Smith’s approach to these country, folk and root rock numbers are simple and affecting; A Wayfarer’s Lament is well worth a sympathetic listen. – Written by SMarx



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