Tilly and The Wall – Heavy Mood

  • December 3, 2012

Midwestern indie pop quintet Tilly and The Wall are out with their follow-up to 2008’s O with Heavy Mood on Conor Oberst’s (Bright Eyes) Team Love label. Their previous efforts are known for their defiant spirit, sense of individualism and rebellious youth, and even with all members having moved, experienced major career shifts, or had children since O, their energy and enthusiasm is hardly what one would consider a heavy mood. The ten tracks are filled with electronics, especially synthesizers, hooks, echoes, anthems, and even tap dancing, and feature collborations with multiple artists, including Shane Aspegren (The Berg Sans Nipple), Clark Baechle (The Faint) and Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs). Standouts include opener “Love Riot”, the title track, and “All Kinds of Guns.” – Written by SMarx



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