Tin Cup Serenade – Tragic Songs of Hope

  • August 19, 2013

San Francisco-based band Tin Cup Serenade has released their second album, Tragic Songs of Hope. Their latest features songs that blend New Orleans jazz, calypso, swing, mariachi, ragtime, early country, and traditional cuban music. Tin Cup Serenade is comprised of Larry Leight (trombone), Safa Shokrai (bass), Eric Garland (percussion), Pete Cornell (sax) and Rolf Wilkinson’s sharp compositions and spirited vocals. The entire album has a little bit of tragedy and a little bit of lightheartedness while sounding timeless and fresh. The album contains ten singles – eight originals and two covers including two Duke Ellington tunes, “Limbo Jazz” and “Lament for Javanette”, which Wilkinson wrote lyrics for, as well as two covers of songs from the recently rediscovered NY singer-songwriter, Connie Converse, who vanished almost 40 years ago. A few standouts include: the romantic tango “Fragments of You”; the upbeat love letter to the San Francisco Bay area “Sunny Oakland Day”; and “YaYa Blues” which gives the band a chance to let loose and crank things up a notch. Tragic Songs of Hope honors its myriad of influences while standing on its own as something beautiful and unique. – Written by JFelton

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