Tom Brosseau – North Dakota Impressions

  • December 2, 2016

North Dakota Impressions is the third installment of an album trilogy inspired by singer/songwriter Tom Brosseau’s memories and experiences of his home state. Of the three – 2014’s Grass Punks and 2015’s Perfect Abandonment – North Dakota Impressions best captures the both the joys and monotony of small town living: fresh air, wide open spaces, and simple living as well as knowing everyone else’s business and a lack of cultural diversity. Once again, Tom Brosseau’s unique tenor takes center stage filling his songs with feelings of loss, regret and nostalgia. Album highlights range from songs about lost love (“No Matter Where I Roam”) to a church fire (“The Horses Will Not Ride, The Gospel Won’t Be Spoken”) and a drive through a small town (“A Trip To Emerado”). North Dakota Impressions is a tender, introspective and beautiful closing chapter to Brosseau’s trilogy about his North Dakota home. – Written by JFelton



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